Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2017

Scarborough Renaissance Festival 2017

The 37th annual Scarborough Renaissance Festival proved to be as timeless as the historical period that it represents. For those unfamiliar with the event, it is one of America’s top Renaissance Fairs that happens to take place every spring in Waxahachie, Texas. There is something for everybody with over 200 shops, 24 stages of entertainment, wine tasting, jousting knights, manpowered rides, and much more. If this was not enough, there are also special events each weekend to keep things fresh. Continue reading


My Celebrity Interviews From FXD17

This year at FXD17 I got to interview Tom Wilson (Back to the Future), Sean Patrick Flanery (The Boondocks Saints), and Jason David Frank (Power Rangers). The following are my articles written:
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FXD17 Is Coming Soon

This is no April Fools’ joke; it is about time to dust off those cosplay outfits and reserve your tickets to Fan Expo Dallas. The upcoming Expo will be held March 31 – April 2 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas. While the dates are a little earlier than normal, they still can’t come soon enough for many of us. Continue reading

Tips For Traveling To A Fan Expo/Comic Con With Small Children

As the time nears again for Fan Expo Dallas as well as other various Comic Cons around the country, I felt that some of you out there may benefit from some tips about taking small kiddos to attend. If you have read my blogs you probably already know that my last two trips were made with children under the age of 4. Not only that but I somehow managed to successfully bring them and their teenage cousin by myself! I am a grown man (maybe not mentally) so this of course is out of the ordinary for me. We all had an amazing time but there are definitely some tips that you may want to take into account before heading out. Therefore due to my limited experience, I now consider myself and expert and give you the following advice: Continue reading

Where Dreams Come True – Disney World

We decided to take a family vacation down to Orlando to head to the magical House of Mouse itself, Disney World. My wife and I had been before but it would be the first visit for out little ones. It would be a trip for the ages… mid summer heat, an infant, a toddler, and one heck of a drive from Texas. Continue reading

Universal Orlando – Harry Potter World

Dreams do come true! No, I am not talking about Disneyworld but rather the newest magical destination that will leave you wishing your wand would actually work out in the real world. Unfortunately it will cost you an arm and a leg (as well as having to take out a second mortgage). Since the attraction is split between two different parks at Universal, you get to pay for the multi-park pass if you want the full experience. That said, it is still hard to argue that it is not worth it. Continue reading

Back For More – Dallas Fan Expo 2016

This time of year has become a household favorite for my family. Unfortunately for my wife, she was unable to attend the year because she went out of town with a friend. That meant that this Superdad decided to embark on the journey with two tiny toddlers and my cousin, a comic convention newbie of junior high age. I am not exactly known for being an overly domesticated father. Don’t get me wrong, I spend as much time as I can with my children but when it comes to taking care of their basic needs their mother tends to head up that department. Needless to say, it would be an adventure nonetheless. Continue reading